"Wow! Soup" was invented by Mr. Krabs in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Greasy Buffoons. It consists of pure grease on a paper plate.
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Ayurvedic Wow! Soup Edit

In the Ayurvedic therapy termed "PanchaKarma" patients are traditionally asked, as according to a specific generalized healing protocol, to drink amounts of pure ghee [not quite Crisco] from as small as 1 table spoon to 1 ounce or more per day.

This author has personally only taken amounts as high as 1 tablespoon, but has otherwise direct contact with folks who have done an entire ounce, or basically 1 cup, a mug's worth of liquid butter.

It is often amusing to find outrageous comments in fiction to be tangentially accurate to a nonfictional 'alien' cultural practice — like we have between Mr. Krabs and Mr. Dhanvatari (the god of ayurveda).

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  • Disclaimer: Cook Fiction does not endorse the consumption of unusually large amounts of ghee without proper super vision !