In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), Splinter reveals a pizza with 99 cheeses to the ninja turtles.

Splinter: Of course, you've all tasted the five-cheese pizza. But this... cheesemongers have speculated its existence for centuries. Da Vinci's original masterpiece. I submit to you... Novantanove Formaggio, the 99-cheese pizza!
Michelangelo: It's not possible...
Donatello: Mikey, it's a trap! A pizza with that variety of cheese is a culinary impossibility!
Watch the scene here. As we know now, it's certainly not a culinary impossibility. Johnny Di Francesco, the reigning world’s best Neapolitan pizza maker and chef-owner of 400 Gradi in Melbourne, created a version of the pizza which you can read about here.